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Everything Concerning Low Blood Pressure

 Low blood pressure-hidden killers

Diagnose of low blood pressure is very difficult, and it’s nothing similar to high aka elevated blood pressure. In some cases, a low blood pressure is good and in other cases it isn’t.

Low blood pressure means that the blood flows through the body slowly, and it isn’t a problem if you are completely healthy. But some medical conditions may be causes just because a blood pressure is low.

Some of low blood pressure concerns

The main concern of the low blood pressure is that one of the organs is not getting enough blood and everything else the blood carries.

Causes of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is considered bad only if it causes some clinical symptoms and from that we can conclude that there are only 3 categories of the cause – heart, intravascular fluid, and the arterial wall.
–    Low blood pressure may occur due to a heart beating too quickly due to lack of time for the heart to refill. At the other hand if the heart beats too slowly then there might be too much time in which the blood is not freely flowing. Any damage or irritation to the heart may weaken it and in that case, the heart is too weak to pump enough blood, even though it beats normally. A heart attack may stun a part of the heart, and in that case, that part is unable to assist in blood pumping. Damage to heart valves may cause some of the blood to flow backward and thus reducing the amount of blood that flows in the right direction.

Intravascular fluid is a fluid that is found in blood vessels and it carries blood cells to their destination. Dehydration decreases the amount of water in the intravascular fluid. Diarrhea and vomiting are two easily pinpointed signs of loss of water within the intravascular fluid. Excess bleeding decreases the amount of intravascular fluid and that is a direct cause for low blood pressure.

–    The arterial wall may be damaged in two ways and once it is damaged it expands and therefore slows the flow of blood.

This may happen due to spinal damage which affects the dilation of the blood. Too much stimulation of the vagus nerve also causes dilation of blood vessels. This can be seen in a patient taking a noxious stimulus. Once he is given this stimulus, the patient passes out due to very low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure treatment

Treatment of blood pressure depends on the cause. If the low blood pressure is in any way connected to shortness of breath or chest pain then it means that it is connected to bleeding, and therefore the treatment is instantaneous. The treatment includes the giving of intravenous fluids and oxygen. If there are other problems the heart is also monitored. Other treatment options may be given if there is a fear of infection or any other things.

If a patient has a history of low blood pressure symptoms and they occur from time to time, the doctor has enough time to determine the exact diagnosis and therefore he/she can administer exact treatment that will deal with that issue.

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